Tips for Winter Landscape Maintenance and Lawn Care

Winter is officially approaching and there is nothing you would rather do for the following months than sleep. Sit by the warm space heater or maybe fire place, watch basketball or maybe read a book. Some people may think that winter is a time to take some time off when talking about landscape maintenance and lawn care however, there are still things you need to work out in preparation for the spring months. The following are some tips for winter landscape design maintenance and lawn care to ensure healthy plants and green grass in your yard: 

  1. Apply Some Mulch

Adding some layers of mulch around your plants, shrubs and trees actually gives your lawn or landscape some extra winter protection, aiding to control water loss and soil erosion. Putting down mulch at least 2 inches can also help keep the temperature uniform in the soil that surrounds the roots of your plants. If you do not have that much of leaves on your yard, then you can use the mower to mulch what is there, providing your grass with a good source of nutrients. 

  1. Clean Up Your Yard

One large part of the winter lawn care and landscape maintenance includes just keeping your lawn clean. If you have not done this yet, then you should rake the leaves or other debris from your lawn and get rid of the toys, tools or any other stuffs. Allowing leaves or your kid’s toys to pile up on your lawn all winter long is one way to kill the grasses beneath or at least prevent their growth and development. 

  1. Prune Your Trees and Shrubs

Late winter is the best time to prune your trees and shrubs. When you prune them, you have naturally opened a wound which needs to rejuvenate. By pruning your trees and shrubs just before the spring growth starts, you are decreasing stress on your plants, and making the wounds easier to heal. 

  1. Protect Your Young Trees and Shrubs

Wrapping wire mesh or putting up a fence around the young plants will prevent animals from destroying them during the cold winter months. 

  1. Removal of Snow

If you have any tree limbs or branches you believe might be vulnerable to heavy loads, tie them up together. Get rid of the snow from low limbs by brushing them off instead of shaking the branches, because shaking them can only cause limbs to break or fall. Damaged trees are basically more vulnerable to disease therefore, you should get rid of any branches which you think may break and fall during an ice storm or heavy snow. 

  1. Make Your Landscape Off Limits

You may take pains in order to reduce foot traffic on your landscape during the hot summer months, when everything is green and nice. However, when the winter comes, it is usually much easier to cut across your grass than use the foot pavement. Aside from that, part of the winter landscape maintenance means cutting down people passing through your lawn. 

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