Tips to Get Rid of Hot Tub Stains

Have you ever attempted to remove the cover of your hot tub, only to discover the dirty stains on the fixtures or shell? Not only could these stains disrupt your plans for a relaxing bath, but they could also damage your hot tub as time goes by. The great catch here is that most of those stains could be eliminated quickly and there are some methods you can consider to keep them from developing again in your hot tubs. 

 Typical kinds of hot tub stains 

Calcium build-up 

The mixture of warm water and high pH levels in your spa could result in the development of an excess of calcium, which is also termed as hard water. The moment this happens, it could leave behind a build-up on your tub’s sides. 


Dirt is normal, primarily when your spa is used regularly. This only indicates that the grime and dirt would accumulate in the hot tub over time.  


This type of stain could be because of the spa’s improperly balanced water. 

Build-up of foam 

Lotion, makeup, perfume, and the oil from your skin could cause the development of foam in your water. Over time, this would result in a build-up like the soap scum. 


Removing hot tub stains 

Even though various kinds of stains are due to several factors, most stains could be eliminated by using a similar way. The first thing to do is to completely drain the water of your tub and turn off your spa’s power. Then, you could utilize a cleaner for hot tubs with a cloth or soft rag and a bit of elbow grease to get rid of most stains. It is essential not to utilize a harsh cloth since it could damage your tub’s shell. 


Or, if you want an eco-friendly cleaning solution, you could also utilize a baking soda and damp cloth to form a paste and slowly eliminate the stains.     Another option for you is to make a vinegar and water mixture instead of using a cleaner. This solution could also aid you in deodorizing your hot tub. 


Tips to prevent stains from coming back 

Add sanitizer 

First, you should balance your water correctly through making sure that you add the right amount of sanitizer to your hot tub. Check the manual of your tub to know how much is required to be added according to the amount of water in your tub. 

pH and Total Alkalinity  

After sanitizing, you need to test the pH and total alkalinity. Balance the TA first at all times since that would usually balance the pH simultaneously.  

Water hardness 

The moment you have balanced your water properly, it is the time to measure your water’s hardness. The hardness is the number of calcium that’s placed in the water. Once there will be too much calcium, there’s a chance that the water will be hard. And this could be one of the reasons that stain would remain in your tub.  


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